Innovative Teaching Grants

The Innovative Teaching Grants program provides teachers and coaches with the resources and tools needed to impact student achievement within TISD. The goal is to directly support the needs of the teacher(s) and their classroom by bringing innovative technology or creative, original, and out of the box learning practices into the learning environment.

Each year, teachers from campuses across TISD submit grant applications to fund their ideas and teaching innovations. The Innovative Teaching Grants program brings these ideas to life in the classroom and the lives of the students when other funding may not be available.

Over the years, TEF Grants have served TISD teachers, students and parents by:

  • Introducing new instructional technologies
  • Closing student achievement gaps
  • Creating enhanced learning environments

Innovative Teaching Grants are designed to encourage, facilitate, recognize and reward innovative and creative instructional approaches to accomplish program objectives. The Temple Education Foundation (TEF) offers all Temple Independent School District (TISD) staff an opportunity to apply for grants to fund innovative programs or projects to support higher levels of student learning.



Who Can Apply

TISD employees involved in student instruction or related support services benefiting students may apply as an individual or a team. The application must be signed by the campus Principal.


What Will We Fund

Grants fund classroom materials, parent involvement programs, continuing education workshops and salaries, or any other activity supporting student academic achievement. Grants will not fund travel, food, employee salary or school field trips. General requests for textbooks are not allowed due to state textbook laws. If your project requires these materials, please explain the need and why they are not currently available through TISD.


Selection Criteria

New projects receive preference over existing, already awarded grants. The grants will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  • The degree to which the proposal is clear and logical.
  • Represents a creative and innovative approach to teaching.
  • Develops programs that would expand the existing curriculum.
  • Clarity of description of ideas and implementation procedures.

Award of Funds

Grants of up to $10,000 can be awarded to an individual, campus teams, departments and/or district initiated programs or projects. The number of awards will depend on funds available from TEF.

Please address any questions to: