To be eligible, a student must be graduating from TISD and will attend any accredited trade or vocational school, college, university, or approved post-secondary institution in the Fall.

To qualify for the Scholarship Application, the applicant must:
  • identify any financial need. Not all scholarships are based on financial need.
  • present a record of academic success.
  • participate in any school activity.
  • share any church and/or community service participation.
  • declare intent to fulfill the post-secondary school’s certificate or degree requirements.
  • complete interview process with TEF Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship recipients must adhere to the following while attending a post-secondary institution:
  • Completion of the required distribution sheet must be done before any awards are distributed to postsecondary programs.
  • maintain a cumulative grade point average (or equivalent) of 2.5 or better.
  • take a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester, or be a full time student.
  • be in good standing with the school.

Application packages for the Temple Education Foundation Scholarship Application must include the following:
Submit Online
  • A completed application form submitted. Making sure that all scholarships being applied for are marked and any additional information is provided.
  • A current official high school transcript including GPA/Class Rank (Envelope must be sealed). Transcript must be requested through the registrar’s office to be provided to the counselors.