Temple, TX – 14 teachers from Temple High School, Western Hills, Kennedy-Powell, Cater, Garcia, and Meredith-Dunbar Early Childhood Center will be surprised on Wednesday of their funded grants from TEF. Over $23,000 will be given this spring to teachers at 6 campuses.

The TEF Grant Patrol will to inform TISD staff of their awarded grants on Wednesday, February 9, 2022. Below are summaries of a two of the grants being awarded this month.

Ryan Boutwell from Temple High School athletics is receiving a grant for a technology training tool the Vmaxpro sensors. These sensors will be used in the Temple Athletics weight room. In his application Ryan stated “Training is just more than sets, reps and weight. It’s about creating an environment that sets the athlete up for long term success. These sensors will be used across all sports that make their way through the weight room during the week.” Mr. Boutwell is receiving $2,300 from a grant TEF received from Bancorp South. TEF Executive Director, Kristy Brischke, said “The Temple Athletics grant is a unique grant in that it involves the wright room instead of the classroom. However, TEF felt like Mr. Boutwell’s grant used innovation and technology to improve students’ awareness of health and safety which with that knowledge they will use throughout their life. Mr. Boutwell explained further that “During training, the sensors are placed on the bars. The data is projected onto the iPads where the coaches and or athletes are able to see instant feedback on sets, reps, bar speed and bar path. This allows me as the administrator of the workout to dictate to the students to add or subtract weight based on how well they are moving the weight. The readiness of each athlete is ever changing. Using this tool would allow me to tailor workouts to each athlete based on how they were feeling that day. This would help better prepare the athletes for their sport and reduce overtraining and injury.”

The Let’s Go with Science grant submitted by Gary Rutkowski at Kennedy-Powell Elementary School will be used to purchase circuit kits and microscopes for the campus. Mr. Rutkowski stated “Circuits are a difficult concept for students to understand, doing hands on with the snap circuit kits will allow students to not only have hands on experience, but also will allow them to engineer and design complete circuits. The microscopes will be used to understand matter, used with fossils and rock formations, organisms and environment. Lessons will help enhance the understanding that there is life beyond what our eyes can see.” Mr. Rutkowski’s grant is funded through money received from BBVA.

The Temple Education Foundation raises support through a variety of projects throughout the year. Additionally, the spring grant funds are specific funds received through grant applications that TEF submits. For the 2023-2024 school year, TEF has given over $64,000 to teachers for classroom innovation.