This year TEF funded over $56,000 in Innovative Teaching Grants. TEF serves as a launching pad for teachers to try out innovative teaching ideas that otherwise might be impossible.

This year we were able to fund projects at all levels Pre-K through High School and in the CTE department. We loved a grant that was written by the Welding program to weld shelving in a trailer to hold band instruments. This directly impacted a lot of groups of students. It gave a real-world experience to welding students and directly benefited the band students. We were able to purchase a piece of recess equipment to help a school on a mission to have a playground that all students could use, regardless of if they have special needs or not this school wanted to make sure all kids had equal opportunity on the playground. We were happy to support them with that mission. We also loved some innovative teaching ideas from morning buckets to themes about breaking out of the classroom. TEF is eager to support innovative ideas that enrich learning and experiences in Temple Schools.